Artist Paints 11 Famous Album Covers on Her Face

Artist Paints 11 Famous Album Covers on Her Face  image

Artist Paints 11 Famous Album Covers on Her Face

Natalie Sharp is both a musician and a make up artist, so really, it only made sense to celebrate record store day by painting record album art on her face.

She completed a similar project last year, but decided to take things to the next level this year by putting it all out there on Facebook for album suggestions.

Before she new it, she was bombarded with dozens of great album ideas! Unfortunately, she only had time to complete eleven designs. Each one takes a whopping eight hours to paint!

When it came time to start painting a cover, Sharp would dust off her vinyl copy and get to work.

"One of the reasons why I love vinyl is because of its true long playing physical format. I decided to listen to each album in full from start to end over and over again until the face was complete. Every time the album finished I would have a glass of wine! But I was getting too drunk especially after Human League!"

Here's example of her hilarious and creative works:

The Velvet Underground & Nico

Bored Panda

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