This Frightening Ghost Prank Will Scare The Bejesus Out Of You

This Frightening Ghost Prank Will Scare The Bejesus Out Of You

If you search for any ghost-related videos on YouTube you'll find a seemingly endless list of supernatural pranks and cheap scares.

But few are as good as what you're about to see here. A popular Brazilian TV show decided to rig up an entire subway train with multiple cameras (and more than a few scares) and allow unsuspecting members of the public to go about their daily commute.

But once they've boarded the train, that's when the fun begins and the lights go out....

Now having a corpse like ghost randomly appear in the darkened carriage next to you, is enough to scare the live-in daylights out of anyone. But when you realise how slick the production values are (she seemingly disappears into thin air) and the fact there's no escape you can't help but laugh and recoil in horror at what unfolds.

Simply put, these fearful passengers utterly lose their minds! Not that you can blame them, after all we'd probably all have the same reaction.

Don't let the scares stop there, check out the Top 5 Most Terrifying Ghosts Caught On Film!

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