Vibrant And Soothing Illustrations Remarkably Created On MS Paint

Vibrant And Soothing Illustrations Remarkably Created On MS Paint  image

Vibrant And Soothing Illustrations Remarkably Created On MS Paint

As part of her day job HR assistant Miranda Lorikeet (aka LazyBones) often has to delve into the world of Microsoft Office where she faces numerous battles with Excel, Word and PowerPoint. One Microsoft program she has mastered the art of (literally) though is MS Paint.

Remarkably it's the only tool she uses to create her bright and playful illustrations that are instantly soothing on eye. They're even more admirable when you consider the tool she used to create them, MS Paint certainly isn't the most functional or feature-packed drawing program out there - if anything it's probably the most basic.

And yet its limitations are also Lorikeet's strengths, rather than dazzling effects and numerous filters her illustrations are instantly recognisable due to their beautiful simplicity, sense of symmetry and subtle colour tones.

But look at little closer and you'll quickly see that things aren't always as they seem...

The drawings I make are meant to be like dreams that aren't quite nightmares. The feeling you get when you see something beautiful but something about it isn’t quite right.

You can experience more of her whimsical, chaotic and pastel universe via her official Tumblr blog and even find out a little about the artist herself right here

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