The Amazing World Of Instagram vs What You Actually See

The Amazing World Of Instagram vs What You Actually See image

The Amazing World Of Instagram vs What You Actually See

Millions of people use Instagramevery day (including us!) and its safe to say the photo-sharing app has certainly made the world more visual, colourful and interesting. With its easy interface and even easier filters, with just a few taps you can transform the dull into the vibrant and the mundane into the seemingly exciting.

But whilst it's fun flicking through your friends uploads and carefully curated images its also incredibly easy to start believing what you're looking at is reality. The truth is, Instagram gives everyone the ability to make their world far more interesting and glamorous that it really is. They do say the best stories are worthy of a little embellishment, maybe the same is true for photos?

Either way, here's a side by side comparison of scenarios people often post to the network, firstly captured through Instagram itself and then take during the harsh light of day. Same premise, two very different perspectives.

In the world of social media, most people tend to edit out the bad and unflattering, opting to highlight the good instead. There's nothing wrong with showing the world the best of what you're experiencing - but don't forget there's always two sides to every story or in this case photo.

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