Brilliant 'Monster Boxes' Are The Perfect Gift For Any Traveller

Brilliant 'Monster Boxes' Are The Perfect Gift For Any Traveller  image

Brilliant 'Monster Boxes' Are The Perfect Gift For Any Traveller

We've all been there, it's the end of a long flight and you're stuck standing at the baggage claim area watching the conveyor belt going round and round with seemingly the same 23 black suitcases. Time again you have your hopes dashed as you think you've found your luggage only to discover its someone else's entirely, before going back to watching another round drift past you.

Well thankfully those days could be coming to an end thanks to these eye-catching and startlingly original 'Monster Boxes'. They're created by Fine Line Workshop in Lehighton, Pennsylvania who specialise in fantasy themed embroidered leather products, from LARP and Renaissance Faire to steampunk and cosplay.

Each box is individually crafted and handmade from real leather that is then sculpted over a wooden based. There's no automated machinery is used or mass production techniques at play.

Sizes ranges from just 3 inches to 3 feet although custom sizes as also available - so you can have one created as big as your current suitcase if you need to. Or you can opt for a smaller monster (with equally as sharp teeth) to keep your jewellery and precious items safe from thieving hands!

Head over to Fine Line Workshop's official Etsy Store to see more of their epic fantasy creations.

If you're keen on getting your very own 'Monster Box' which will make everyone equally green with envy, drop them a message via their Facebook Page.

Via Fine Line Workshop

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