25 Incredible Band Photos That Will Restore Your Faith In Good Music

25 Incredible Band Photos That Will Restore Your Faith In Good Music  image

25 Incredible Band Photos That Will Restore Your Faith In Good Music

The band promo photograph, designed to encapsulate the mood, style and sound of a group long before you've even heard a single note. Having a strong visual aesthetic and identity is a key component of any successful band, you have to make people curious about listening to you..

When people talk about David Bowie is the first thing they mention his extensive discography or the fact he was Ziggy Stardust?

There will always be a place for record labels and their stylists stepping in with their perfect lighting and numerous stylists but some of the most memorable photographs of bands, are the ones that capture them in their true element. No gimmicks, no distractions just passion, individualism, music, blood, sweat and tears.

There's no second guessing the following collection of iconic images. Each is simply a candid moment, masterfully captured in the eye of the storm, by some of the most talented photographers in the business.

1. The Ramones

Photo by Ian Dickson

2. Elton John – Dodger Stadium

Photo by Terry O'Neill

3. Fugazi

Photographer Unknown

4. Jimmy and his Jack

Photo by Neal Preston

5. B. B. King

Photo by Keith Morris

6. Queen

Photo via '40 Years Of Queen' (Goodman)

7. The Doors live at Fillmore East 1968

Photo by Yale Joel

8. Nat King Cole

Photo by Dave Dexter

9. Neil Young

Photo by Joel Bernstein

10. Jimi Hendrix and Mick Jagger, New York, 1969

Photo by Eddie Kramer

11. Lou Reed with John Cale, Patti Smith & David Byrne, NYC 1976

Photo by Bob Gruen

12. Joy Division

Photo by Kevin Cummins

13. Angus Young (AC/DC) seemingly levitating

Photographer Unknown

14. Elvis and Ann-Margret, 1964

Film still from "Viva Las Vegas' 1964

15. A young Hans Zimmer next to a Moog synthesizer

Photographer Unknown

16. Louis Armstrong Plays For His Wife in Giza, 1961

Photo via Bettmann Archive

17. Jim Morrison 1968

Photo via Michael Ochs Archives

18. Robert Plant holding a dove that flew into his hands Circa. 1973

Photo by James Fortune

19. The Beatles performing their last live public concert on the rooftop of the Apple Organisation

Photo by The Express

20. Joey Ramones and Gaye Advert London 1978

Photo via Alain Dister Estate

21. Johnny Cash at San Quentin

Photo via Jim Marshall

22. The Byrds in New York City

Photo by Michael Ochs Archives

23. Beastie Boys early 80’s

Photo by _Sunny Bak _

24. Iggy Pop

Photo via Tom Copi & Michael Ochs Collection

25. Jimi Hendrix In Bakersfield, California 1968

Photo from Michael Ochs Archives

See footage from Fugazi's famous basketball image

You can purchase some of these images as prints, including a wealth of further iconic shots of your favourite bands and icons through Sonic Editions

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