Blind Artist Uses Sense Of Touch To Create His Amazing Art

Blind Artist Uses Sense Of Touch To Create His Amazing Art

John Bramblitt is an extraordinary painter. He's also blind having tragically lost his sight from having severe and multiple epileptic seizures.

The first year I lost my eyesight, I didn't do any art. I was in the deepest darkest hole. I really felt I had no worth anymore.

Despite his visual impairment, Bramblitt is still able to "see" colours by using his heightened sense of touch. Each paint is formed using different ingredients and chemical compounds and a result, Brandlitt is able to tell the subtle differences between tones.

To him white feels like a thick toothpaste, black is runny and smooth like oil and burnt sienna feels slightly clumpy and gelatinous

Using quick-dry textured paint that leaves small raised bumps, he's able to plot the layout of his compositions, one stoke at a time.

Without painting, things seem kind of disorganised. But, whenever I paint, I feel really calm. I feel more like myself.

Since losing his vision, John and his wife jackie have had a little boy, but despite never being able to see his son John is still able to see exactly what his son looks like.

Thanks to the power of touch and his incredible gift, John is able to produce portraits of his son that look just like him.

It's safe to say that John is a genuine inspiration to handicapped and disabled individuals around the world. He's demonstrated that even though your body might be limited, it doesn't mean you imagination should ever be.

You can support John buy purchasing prints and originals via his online store right here

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