Drop Dead Gorgeous Models Are Just As Insecure As You & I

Drop Dead Gorgeous Models Are Just As Insecure As You & I

Wherever you go today, you can be assured that you'll be bombarded by billboards, TV campaigns, Facebook ads, movie trailers and magazine covers with what "true beauty" is supposed to look like. It's an inescapable fact of everyday life that in a culture saturated with visual media that sex, style and beauty sells.

But behind all the Photoshopped glitz and glamour, are these beacons of beauty truly as happy as they appear to be on the billboards? Or like you and I, do they struggle with feelings of inadequacy and battle their own self-created imperfections?

Maybe they really do (as the ads would lead you to believe) live in a world where they stand tall, proud and confident of who they are at the very summit of perfection?

When I'm smiling, I have on the side two wrinkles, which I completely don't like.

In a fascinating experiment YouTube clothing company D.EFECT placed 12 stunning Lithuanian models in front of the camera candidly asking them how they felt about their seemingly perfect looks.

Their revealing and frank answers might just surprise you.

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