Colourblind Individuals See True Colour For The First Time In Their Lives

Colourblind Individuals See True Colour For The First Time In Their Lives

This moving documentary centres on a group of colourblind individuals who describe a world often without colour and the limitations that it often imposes. Worldwide over 300M people suffer from some form of colourblindness.

It's hard to imagine never being able to see the colour red for example or even begin to know how to describe it without having any kind of reference to it.

It's not that I can't name colours, there's nothing there. That's grey and that's grey and that's grey.

But thanks to a partnership between eyewear company EnChroma and paint manufacturer Valspar, they are about to experience new colours for the very first time in their life.

Each participant is given a uniquely designed pair of glasses by EnChroma that are specifically developed to allow them to see the full range of the colour spectrum.

See their heartwarming and tearful reactions when they can finally see all the glorious colours of the rainbow rather than a world of muted greys and dull tones.

It's a genuine tearjerker.

Via Valspar's Colour For All Project

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