Women's Hilarious Reactions To Seeing Men's Naughty Dick Pics

Women's Hilarious Reactions To Seeing Men's Naughty Dick Pics

Fellas, might be in the mood and it might seem like a good idea to send a photo of your excited genitals to a girl, but as with all types of communication across the web, context is everything. Sending a random photo of your dick across a variety of apps and dating applications might to be as well received as you'd imagine.

Occasionally you might struck gold, but more often than not your love interest will recoil in shock or worse fits of giggles depending on just how cheeky your photo is.

What? The guy is lying on his back with a pepperoni pizza on him and his penis is poking through the middle.

So how DO women react to being sent x-rated images whilst you're feeling amorous or at the end of a boozy night out? Do they feel compelled to instantly into a cab for a late night visit? Or will you quickly be added to the blocked list?

Get ready to find out.

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