Brazil's Graffiti Covered 'Batman Alley' Is Absolutely Stunning

Brazil's Graffiti Covered 'Batman Alley' Is Absolutely Stunning image

Brazil's Graffiti Covered 'Batman Alley' Is Absolutely Stunning

Just a short walk from São Paulo’s Vila Madalena metro station is ‘Batman Alley’ a long and winding alley located in one of the cities upper middle class neighbourhoods.

It’s there that you’ll find some of Brazil's most colourful, bold, creative and innovative street art, painstakingly created by local artists.

Rather than waiting in line in the city’s art galleries or being forced to pay entry fees, this secluded alleyway is a hub of creativity and inspiration.

We recently travelled to São Paulo to take these 30 exclusive photographs just for you. Each is designed to showcase not only the array of talent on display but to give you a sense of just how dense and varied the area itself is.

We should make the point that due to the transistor nature of street art itself, these murals and stencils will likely change and be replaced over time. What you see below, might be gone tomorrow.

Thankfully you won’t see the local council painting over these artworks or prosecuting the artists themselves. The area is a considered a cultural celebration of Brazil’s national love and appreciation of street art in all its forms.

Batman Alley then, one of São Paulo’s best kept secrets.

Via So Bad So Good

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