Japan's Sex Hotels Cater To Every Kind Of Weird Fetish

Japan's Sex Hotels Cater To Every Kind Of Weird Fetish  image

Japan's Sex Hotels Cater To Every Kind Of Weird Fetish

Tucked away amongst the busy streets of Japan’s cities lie numerous Love Hotels - a convenient and often peculiar location for sexual rendezvous and discreet hookups.

What makes these hotels unique is that they are specifically themed and designed to cater to all manner of fetishes and role-playing scenarios. But what exactly do they look like? Is it all an urban legend or do such places exist?

Photographer Misty Keasler allowed curiosity to get the better of her and decided to photograph and document some of the more unusual sights and objects found in numerous Love Hotels.

The fascinating results are all featured in her intriguing series 'Love Hotels: The Hidden Fantasy Rooms of Japan

At the time I took these photos in 2004 there were 30,000 love hotels in Japan. Compare that to 7,000 Starbucks in the state of Texas.

But what exactly did she find?

Rather than the usual hotel room, you can choose to stay and commence your lusty liaison in a high school classroom or even on a merry-go-round. There’s hospital rooms, train carriages, igloos and even a Hello Kitty themed room, naturally.

It's necessarily all fun the games however, there's certainly a rather disturbing undercurrent some of the rooms, including ones that appear like children's playroom and even a prison cell.

Instead of a mini bar filled with snacks, guests will find a vending machines stuffed full of vibrators, furry handcuffs, blindfolds and expandable sex swings. Everything you need to make your stay more enjoyable as it were.

Part kitsch, part novelty, Japan's Love Hotels seemingly offer a world of pure escapism for those wanting to add a dash of convenient excitement to their sex life.

Via Misty Keasler

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