Watch In Astonishment As Woman Has Her Anus Bronzed

Watch In Astonishment As Woman Has Her Anus Bronzed

15 Years ago Magnus Irvin and Michael Ritzema has the novel (and admittedly rather unusual) idea to create a novelty chocolate company called ‘Edible Anus’ which features an arrange of chocolate delights originally moulded from a human anus.

It’s certainly one of the more unique concepts for a business don't you think?

Now they've expanded from milk and dairy into precious metals and glass, offering personal anus castings to individuals who would like their “little biscuit” turned into an ornament, presumably for the mantelpiece or as a gift for their loved one? (Honestly, we have no idea.)

It's not uncommon for individuals to get sculptures, portraits, photographs and paintings of themselves, perhaps bronzing parts of your anatomy is the next logical step in preserving your true self?

Now you wouldn't think such an item would be in such high demand from the general public right? But that didn't stop alternative fashion model Rayna Terror from leaping at the chance to bend over and bronze her butt hole.

Compared to her usual line of work, such a feat isn't that shocking or controversial. For everyone else its sure to raise a few eyebrows. The question now is, what the hell do you do with it afterwards?

Via Riot TV

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