15 Ridiculous & Confusing Barbie Dolls That Really Do Exist

15 Ridiculous & Confusing Barbie Dolls That Really Do Exist image

15 Ridiculous & Confusing Barbie Dolls That Really Do Exist

Since her debut in 1959 the ubiquitous 'Barbie' has been one of the most sought after figurines and commercial successes stories in history.

Approximately over 1bn Barbie dolls have been sold in over 150 countries, manufacturer Mattel estimates that around 3 dolls sold every second. That’s a lot of happy girls and a lot of cash in the bank.

But in order to satisfy the fickle nature of her audience, Barbie has had to constantly reinvent and adapt herself. She initially was introduce both as a blonde and a brunette, before opting for the light shade and finding true love with her beau Ken.

However, in her long and varied history, there have certainly been some missteps, some glaring fashion faux-pas and so rather unusual concepts that Barbie has opted to involved herself in.

Just some of various guises and incarnations include Barbie as Medusa, the Empress of the Aliens and even cross-dressing as George Washington.

Put it down to harmless fun, her creators trying to keep themselves amused or just poor judgement but here’s 15 Barbie’s (which were all commercially available at one point) that are sure to confuse and surprise even the most avid fan.

1. 'The Birds' Barbie

2. Haunted Beauty Mistress of the Manor Barbie

3. Goddess of the Galaxy Barbie

4. Barbie As Medusa

5. Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf Barbie

6. Coca-Cola Cheerleader Barbie

7. Rendezvous Barbie

8. Empress of the Aliens Barbie

9. Shoe Obsession Barbie

10. George Washington Barbie

11. Pop Icon Barbie

12. Marie Antoinette Barbie

13. Mad Men Betty Draper Barbie

14. Haunted Beauty Ghost Barbie

15. Lounge Kitty Barbie

How many of these were you previously aware of? And did you know anyone that owned one of these unique designs? If so, get them to hold onto her, many of these are now collectors items due to their peculiar designs and limited runs.

Via io9

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