Loving Dad Handmakes 'Labyrinth' Dolls To Keep His 7-Year-Old Happy

Loving Dad Handmakes 'Labyrinth' Dolls To Keep His 7-Year-Old Happy image

Loving Dad Handmakes 'Labyrinth' Dolls To Keep His 7-Year-Old Happy

Imgur user and dedicate parent Uh Jess shows that when it comes to bringing your child’s dream to life, nothing is impossible.

His 7-year-old daughter (like many kids at that age) is utterly obsessed with the children’s fantasy film Labyrinth (1986).

She asked her dad if there were dolls available of the couple, after all who needs Barbie and Ken when you can have Sarah and The Goblin King right?

But sadly, due to the film being 29 years old the chances of finding any Labyrinth doll in mint condition would be extremely difficult and even if they did exist, would probably be expensive collectors items.

This image of Jareth the Goblin King and Sarah is her favourite scene in the entire movie...

So that’s when Uh Jess decided to take matters into his own hands and craft his daughter her very own custom Labyrinth dolls as a surprise.

This is what happened:

1. Decided to make her dolls. used this one for Sarah's body and for beginning of dress

2. Used this head for Sarah

3. New head on dress body

4. Used black enamel to make eyebrows bigger

5. Used black enamel to make hairline match

6. Puff sleeves are hot glued to arm (cheat) wires and beads hot glues to hair and dress

7. Get images from google, print box cover on card stock and hot glue to plastic

8. Used this one for jareth

9. Used enamel model paint to make gloves and eyeshadow for jareth

10. Cut big pompadour bulge off of front with razor

11. Use former Barbie for donor hair

12. Glue on hair in layers, use black enamel for eyebrows

13. Add lots of hair layers in clumps trimming as you go

13. Place in box

Quite an achievement don't you think? All that DIY, all that craftwork and all those loose pieces of hair - as you can see it must have taken several long evenings assembling each character.

But the end result? Not only do they look incredibly realistic, his daughter must have been well and truly over the moon to open them. The packaging really was the icing on the cake don't you think?

Via Uh Jess

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