Nintendo's 1989 'Power-Glove' Is The Most Awesome Animation Tool Ever

Nintendo's 1989 'Power-Glove' Is The Most Awesome Animation Tool Ever

In 1989 Nintendo unleashed the 'Power-Glove' for its Nintendo entertainment system, a brave and bold move that allowed gamers to physically interact and become part of the game. It looked damn cool too.

For example, once fitted you could throw punches and jabs in Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! as if you were your very own 8-bit boxer or seemingly control the steering wheel of racing car whilst speeding along in your 8-bit glory.

Despite the groundbreaking concept, it was a largely regarded as a commercial failure - not because of the device itself it must be said, but because the lack of quality games to support it. It was a classic example of a half-baked idea, good in theory, bad in practice.

With few games built to embrace and push the capabilities of the device, it slowly dwindled away becoming part of 80s nostalgia, destined to forever take up space in the attic.

But now its making a surprising and small resurgence in the world of animation having found a new lease of life (literally) on the arm of Dilion Markey.

He's an animator at Stoopid Monkey Studios (famous for the Robot Chicken series) who has adapted and rewired the device to serve as a multi-purpose stop-motion animation tool.

If that sounds complex its because it is, however, when you see Markey using his reconfigured Power-Glove on set you're able to instantly see just how much easier it makes his life.

In this short interview with director Ava Benjamin, you'll see how Markey has taken a retro peice of 80s pop culture and single-handidly transformed it into the most awesome animation tool ever.

By the end, you'll be wishing you could have a go yourself.

Via Vimeo

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