Mother & Daughter Collaborate On A Remarkable Photographic Series

Mother & Daughter Collaborate On A Remarkable Photographic Series image

Mother & Daughter Collaborate On A Remarkable Photographic Series

Rather than sitting on the couch watching TV or being glued to their smart phones, photographer Kelly Lewis & her 9-year-old daughter Alice spend their time together creating this series of marvellous images.

Together they both dream up different characters, scenes and scenarios for Alice to have fun cosplaying and for her mother for photograph. They range from brave Joan of Arc, the shy Edward Scissorhands, the supernatural Carrie White, the whimsical Little Miss Muffet and the unmistakable Alice In Wonderland.

Their wonderful collaboration is nothing short of spectacularly, flawlessly shot, imaginatively styled and Alice enchanting and striking as ever. It actually her dream to become either an actress or model, on this evidence alone and with the love and support of her family, we think she’s making some serious progress already.

Marie Antoinette

Joan of Arc

Edward Scissorhands

Carrie White

Little Miss Muffet

Porcelain Dolly

Alice In Wonderland

You can see more from their imaginative and on-going series via which features more characters, more dressups and even more fun.

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