'Derby' The Disabled Dog Given His Freedom Back Thanks To 3D Printed Legs

'Derby' The Disabled Dog Given His Freedom Back Thanks To 3D Printed Legs

Derby is almost like any other dog, he's obsessed with dog treats and getting tummy tickles from his loving owners.

But there's one thing that makes him different from his canine friends, Derby was initially born with two underdeveloped front legs.

This made it virtually impossible for him to lead an active life, as he was barely able to run without the support of his front legs. His enthusiasm sadly often resulted in him scratching his face on the ground, sustaining small grazes to his chin and nose.

His owners decided to place him inside a custom wheelchair, designed to help support his body and allow him to push himself along the street. Whilst it made walking possible, the wheels themselves severely limited his speed and his ability to play and chase after other dogs in the park. He wasn't able to turn, dart and dash around to play, despite being able to remain upright.

But thanks to the wonder of technology and the kind folks over at 3D Systems, Derby has not only been given his freedom back but has been able to experience what its like running for the very first time.

Rather than being restricted to an inflexible wheelchair, he’s been equipped with a very special pair of custom 3D printed prosthetic legs which have utterly changed his life. He’s now able to run between 2 and 3 miles a day with his owners, happily bouncing along the street and leading the way.

The legs were created using the ProJet 5500X 3D Printer which allowed the team to create a mixture of both flexible and rigid materials in the final product.

Derby is able to place is front elbows into soft padded cups, whilst the spokes themselves are tough enough to handle the impact of his weight on the ground.

Derby & his owners have faced more than a few challenging days, but with the love, support and the dedication of the team behind his new 3D prosthetic legs, Derby can now spend the rest of his days enjoying the park and going to runs just as much as the next dog.

Whilst he’s still getting use to his new legs, the look of unbridled joy on his face really does say it all.

Via 3D Systems

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