These Giant Hyperrealistic Paintings Will Absolutely Floor You

These Giant Hyperrealistic Paintings Will Absolutely Floor You

To say Eloy Morales is an extremely gifted artist is an understatement. Based in Madrid, Spain, he has been refining his craft since 1995. Possibly one of the best photorealistic painters in the world, the depth and detail of his work is astounding; not only are his paintings photographic in quality, they possess a kind of life to them.

Morales uses himself, family and friends as subject matter. He does this so that he is able to better develop the psychological aspects within his paintings. “I want to show how the person is feeling in that moment... this is the most important thing for me”.

But how does he create such incredibly detailed and realistic artworks? The secret, it seems, is more to do with blending and layering, rather than focusing on the details...

Many people think that my work is based on details, but it is not that way... for me the secret is in the correct valuation of tones... tonal transition must be smooth to avoid abrupt cuts.

Scroll down to check out some of his work... images so real it’s hard to believe they are actually paintings!

Are you impressed?

Via Eloy Morales

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