Artworks Designed From Junk That Will Truly Blow Your Mind

Artworks Designed From Junk That Will Truly Blow Your Mind image

Artworks Designed From Junk That Will Truly Blow Your Mind

Bernard Pras is a French contemporary artist whose talent stems from his ability to take pieces of junk like plates, ropes, toys, ribbons (basically anything he can get his hands on!) and put them all together to recreate famous artworks and individuals.

It's not an understatement to say the self-proclaimed 'trash-artist' is one of the most original and eye-catching creators of our generation.

The 62 year old spent the majority of his childhood exploring the local toy store in his hometown in the south-west of France. It was there that he would spend hours arranging and toying with countless figurines, wooden blocks and plastic toy sets.

His first creative endeavours saw him initially try his hand at painting before becoming a sculptor of discarded objects and everyday junk.

Pras's remarkable artworks are a combination of broken toys, rubber shavings and all manner of weird and wonderful items he can lay his hands on.

The results are breathtaking at times - his work shows a tremendous amount of vision & invention. What initially appears as a jumbled collection of rubbish from one angle, instantly transforms into the follow dazzling artworks when viewed from a different perspective.

Via Bernard Pras

P.S. Here's a behind-the-scenes clip that reveals how pras brings his art to life, enjoy!

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