12 Past Lovers Portrayed In 12 Beautiful Shoes

12 Past Lovers Portrayed In 12 Beautiful Shoes  image

12 Past Lovers Portrayed In 12 Beautiful Shoes

Love and relationships have inspired artists, musicians, poets, writers and creators the world over. And now visual artist Sebastian Errazuriz has joined their ranks, with a glorious tribute to his former lovers and girlfriends titled '12 Shoes For 12 Lovers'. Born in Chile but now working New York, he created 12 magnificent 3D printed shoes that were inspired by 12 relationships.

Each shoe was designed to encapsulate the dominant character traits / memories he most associated with each girl. He tried hundreds of different ideas, concepts and designs but finally narrowed it down to these 12 beautiful examples.

During an interview with Core77 he reveals that 'Cry Baby' (number 2) is his personal favourite - although we will never know the true back story behind its creation.

It's only fitting really, love has and always will be mysterious won't it?

1. 'Jetsetter' Jessia

2. 'Cry Baby' Alexandria

3. ‘The Boss’ Rachel

4. 'The Ghost' Valentina

5. 'Hot B' Caroline

6. 'The Virgin' Anna

7. 'GI Jane' Barbara

8. 'Ice Queen' Sophie

9. 'The Rock' Alice

10. ‘Gold Digger’ Alison

11. ‘Honey’ Natasha

12. 'Heart Breaker' Laura

Find out more with Sebastian's latest creative endeavours via his website & be sure to Like him on Facebook too.

Via Design Boom

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