Disturbing & Uncensored Artworks That Reflect Modern Society

Disturbing & Uncensored Artworks That Reflect Modern Society image

Disturbing & Uncensored Artworks That Reflect Modern Society

At first glance, the colourful illustrations of Spanish artist Gunsmithcat (aka Luis Quiles) look innocent enough, until you look a little closer. His work is a unique combination of real-life events and current affairs blended with numerous pop culture references from the world of film, gaming, TV and technology.

His confronting illustrations focus on range of complex and controversial issues including homophobia, sexism, censorship, corporate greed and even child violence. It often makes for unsettling viewing, knowing just how close to the truth he is at times.

Whilst others might have use their artistic talent purely for commercial gain or played it safe, Gunsmithcat opted and aspired for more. His work is a reminder of the darker side of modern society, a raw and unflinching look at the devious nature of the human psyche.

You can see Gunsmithcat's ongoing artworks and compelling illustrations via his DeviantArt channel.

He's also launched a new crowdfunding campaign to produce 'Revolutionary Road' a book featuring some of his most controversial illustrations, find out how you can support it here

In the meantime, what did you think of his work?

p.s For more incredible art, make sure you check out Alexa Meade Who Paints The Human Body In Ways You Cannot Imagine

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