During Africa's Darkest Hour These Women Are A Flicker Of Hope

During Africa's Darkest Hour These Women Are A Flicker Of Hope

Make no mistake the Democratic Republic of the Congo is one of the most dangerous places to live in the world, particularly if you're a woman.

Whilst the civil war ended in 2003, those who live in the East of the country live in perpetual fear of death, rape or at the very least displacement from marauding militias and the corrupt army.

To give you a marker, the 5 year civil war is by far the deadliest conflict since World War Two - estimates put the death toll around 5 million.

To at least stem the flow of bloodshed, rape and deadly violence, the UN has deployed around 20,000 troops are stationed inside the Congo's boarders - the largest of anywhere in the world.

Adding to the fight to restore balance against such atrocities are three women Mama Masika, Mama Jeanette and Mama Jeanne ('Mama' means woman, or mother, and is used as a title of respect.).

Each was tragically either physically assaulted or sexually abused and yet they have found strength, solace and comfort in each other.

Documentary filmmaker Arild Kumar travelled to the region to capture and share their stories, their lives and their new found purpose.

Together the three 'Mamas' have create an orphanage and support network for women and children who have also fallen victim to darkest side of Congo.

Offering protection, love and support they have create a place of refuge, community and happiness against a backdrop of violence, aggression and greed.

A country rich in natural resources, untapped beauty and priceless minerals, the Democratic Republic of the Congo is only now beginning to gain a sense of order out of the chaos, but even then it's a place where the rule of law is rarely enforced.

Yet with individuals like Mama Masika, Mama Jeanette and Mama Jeanne leading the charge for genuine change and championing the power of love, tolerance and understanding they've given their community hope.

Hope that perhaps DR Congo's future might be a little brighter in the years to come.

You can help their efforts and local community by supporting Join Good Forces - a charity that looks to empower local women like the Mamas, protect innocent children and create a peaceful environment free from conflict.

Now that's something truly worth fighting for.

Via Join Good Forces

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