Custom Gas Masks Crafted From Carved Up Designer Sneakers

Custom Gas Masks Crafted From Carved Up Designer Sneakers  image

Custom Gas Masks Crafted From Carved Up Designer Sneakers

As a tribute to street art and sneaker culture, over the past 4 years celebrated LA artist Freehand Profit (aka Gary Lockwood) has made a name for himself carving up all manner of iconic sneakers before twisting, stiching and sewing them into designer gas masks.

Limited edition sneakers by Nike, Adidas and the classic Ewing 33's are just some of the brands Lockwood repurposes to create his striking artworks.

Each mask takes Lockwood around 8-10 weeks to create, from the sketching and conceptualising the initial design to deconstructing the shoe and reassembling the elements to form the mask itself.

The gas mask is a symbol of fear and of protection. It also tips its hat to the keepers of the graffiti flame who wear masks to protect their lungs from their poisonous art of choice.

In the meantime, here's a few of our favourite sneakers and shoes which Lockwood has impressively reconfigured into a series of striking gas masks.

You can see more of his eye-catching work via his official site as well as keep track of the next pair of sneakers about to reinvented through his impressive Instagram profile home to 100K followers and growing.

You can purchase his masks (and even request a custom order) right here. Prices start at $3,000 and get in sooner rather than later if you're keen, his waiting list already stretches into mid next year.

Via Designboom

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