Former Playboy Models Photographed 60 Years Later

Former Playboy Models Photographed 60 Years Later

Even the most lustworthy and desirable individuals in the world cannot escape the passage of time. As the years tick by, looks slowly fade, what was once toned and firm becomes soft and loose. It happens to us all, but for those in spot of fashion and modeling, the decline is often more pronounced.

But if you're able to look past the superficial, you'll see that true beauty can defy the test of time. There are those whose character, charm and appeal is something innate, part of their DNA, part of their character and able to withstand even the harshest light of day.

Our friends at New York Magazine had the enterprising idea of looking through the Playboy magazine archives in the hopes of contacting several of the former cover models. They wanted to gain an insight into how their lives had changed since those heady days of desire and stardom.

Amongst the former bunnies interviewed is Dolores Del Monte. Playboy’s Miss March 1954 now aged a sprightly 82 and still willing to get back in front of the camera for one final shoot. You can see the full series of the former models, including their unique right here.

Dolores Del Monte, Miss March 1954

Helena Antonaccio, Miss June 1969

Marilyn Cole Lownes, Miss January 1972

Janet Lupo, Miss November 1975

Laura Aldridge, Miss February 1976

Candace Jordan, Miss December 1979

Before we go, why not delve a little further back into the past and revisit the first ever Playboy club in London? It opened back in 1965 to a wealth of fanfare and interest before finally closing its doors in 1981.

Via NY Mag

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