Devout Sikh Spends 6 Hrs A Day Assembling His 100lb Turban

Devout Sikh Spends 6 Hrs A Day Assembling His 100lb Turban

It's first thing in the morning, a brand new day and you want to tackle it head on by looking your best. How long does it take you to get ready? 30 minutes? Perhaps an hour after a big night out?

Whichever it is, it will almost certainly pale in comparison to 60-year-old Avtar Singh Mauni's morning routine.

The devout Sikh is something of a mini celebrity in his hometown of Patiala in Northern India. Each day he spends around 6hours getting his +100lb turban ready to wear, his iconic headdress is an impressive 645 meters in length (that's around 2,115 feet).

The reason Mauni's turban is so heavy is due to all the decorative elements he's included and amassed over the 16 years of wearing it. He estimates that the heavy bangles alone add around an extra 87 pounds pushing down on his neck and spine. Not that he's overly bothered, admitting that he's happiest when he's wearing the turban itself.

Would you go to the effort of 6 hours of preparation to then spend another 8 hours walking around with 100lb balancing on your head? Probably not, but for Mauni's its part of his faith, his colourful identity and above all his love for the rich traditions of his vibrant culture.

Via Barcroft TV

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