Musicians Attempt To Stay In Sync With World's Most Unusual Beat

Musicians Attempt To Stay In Sync With World's Most Unusual Beat

Ask any musician in the world and they'll all agree that following a beat set to a 7/4 time signature is certainly challenging.

Listening to it is slightly disconcerting, the beat appears out of sync (mainly because we're often use to listening to the steady and predictable 4/4) and almost as if its lagging or stumbling over itself.

Performing any kind of dance playing an instrument to fit with that time signature requires a tremendous amount of skill, intuition and talent. Most people will struggle, simply because it feels unnatural.

After watching this classic song written by from iconic American jazz composer Dave Brubeck in his experimental 7/4 time signature, director Stewart Maclennan thought it was time to reimagine the beat with a stylish modern day tribute.

After hours of auditions, he tracked down several gifted performers who have mastered the art of working within the off-kilter time signature. His clip titled 'Unsquare Dance' is both a appreciation for the jazz rhythms of old and a celebration of some truly gifted drummers, beatboxers, dancers and entertainers.

Would you be able to keep time and stay in sync?

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