A Fascinating Look At The Evolution Of Your Desk Over 33 Years

A Fascinating Look At The Evolution Of Your Desk Over 33 Years

33 Years is a long time in anyone's book, but in the world of technology that's more than enough time to completely alter not only our lifestyles, but the way we work.

Starting back at 1981, the following animated GIF looks at the evolution of the humble workspace, an area once cluttered with all manner of essential office products.

There was the trusty filofax, that cute calendar, a ground-breaking fax machine, the ever handy calculator, the world map on a globe and maybe even a digital clock to keep track of the working day.

33 years on, all of those have been superseded by the relentless surge in technology. Apps that work faster, websites that are more efficient and smartphones that provide incredible functionality. Even your secretive office draw has been replaced by imaginary Dropboxes in the cloud.

But is it a change for the better? Perhaps. It's certainly a win for those of us who enjoy a clean minimal workspace and a flexible working environment.

Yet for others who prefer pens to keyboards, letters to emails and books to screens, it seems those days of nostalgia are fast coming to an end.

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