Magical Black & White Photos Colourised & Brought Back To Life

Magical Black & White Photos Colourised & Brought Back To Life image

Magical Black & White Photos Colourised & Brought Back To Life

A recent trend has seen all manner of black and white vintage photographs. retouched and colourised, bringing the faded past into the vibrant present.

One of the latest examples from this eye-catching movement comes from the hand of Australian photographer & digital retoucher Jane Long.

She decided to not only colourise the striking images of Romanian war photographer Costica Acsinte but enhance his work further by digitally adding her own elements.

His images are particularly noticeable for their clarity and sharpness, something he achieved by creating them on glass photographic plates, long before photographic film had become commonplace.

Using his portraits as the foundation, Long then incorporates her own unique world around each image. Transforming the original everyday settings into surreal landscapes whilst bringing in animals, props and even skeletal fantasy creatures.

The final colourised portraits serve as both a tribute to both his talent as a photographer and Long's proficient retouching skills and limitless imagination.

Simply magic don't you think?

You can see more examples of her beautiful retouching work via her official site

Via Peta Pixel

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