16 Glaring Plot-Holes From Famous Films You Failed To Notice

16 Glaring Plot-Holes From Famous Films You Failed To Notice image

16 Glaring Plot-Holes From Famous Films You Failed To Notice

It's easy to overlook some of the finer details when you're watching a movie. For example, there might be some unintentionally amusing dialogue, campy outfits or the odd unnecessary scene, but more often than not, you tend to ignore them in the context of the whole film.

But one factor that isn't so easy to discard, is glaring plot-holes. Those moments which make the entire premise of the film suddenly seem completely nonsensical and totally unrealistic. Where you go from experiencing a film to the sudden realization that you're just sitting in a chair staring at a screen thinking "This doesn't make any sense at all!".

Some movies make no attempt to hide the fact they lack a plot (spoof movies in particular), but when you have complex storylines and detailed characters that simply don't add up - there's few things more frustrating as a moviegoer.

Here's 16 giant plot-holes from movies you've probably watched, did you notice any of them at the time?

1. Waterworld

2. Independence Day

3.Toy Story

4. West Side Story

5. Signs

6. Karate Kid

7. Star Wars

8. Armageddon

9. Every Santa Claus film

10. Rocky 5

11. Die Hard 2

12. Back To The Future

13. Ghostbusters 2

14. The Matrix

15. Home Alone

16. Itchy & Scratchy

Which one of these surprised you the most?

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