Juggling Battles? Yes They Exist And Yes They're Awesome

Juggling Battles? Yes They Exist And Yes They're Awesome

This is just too funny to watch.

I had never heard of juggling competitions, let alone, juggling battles. And the amount of people in the audience! You can really find anything on YouTube.

Norway recently hosted a 'Three Club Combat' event, the premise is pretty simple, two jugglers go head to head each armed with 3 clubs each.

The idea is to keep juggling, whilst disrupting your opponent enough to cause them to drop their clubs.

It's strangely compelling to watch and just like any sport played at an elite level, you have to admire the skill involved.

This particular clip was filmed during an intensely competitive final between Iver, the top seed, vs Jochen, the current number 1 player. Both were undefeated going into the match; Iver with 9 wins in a row and Jochen with 15.

Who will win the biggest bout of all?

Watch and find out!

Via YouTube

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