Unusual & Kooky Photographs Of Leonardo DiCaprio From 1995

Unusual & Strange Photographs Of Leonardo DiCaprio From 1995 image

Unusual & Kooky Photographs Of Leonardo DiCaprio From 1995

One of the most recognisable and highly-respected actors of a generation, Leonardo DiCaprio really needs no introduction.

But long before his leading roles in Romeo & Juliet, Titanic, Inception, The Aviator and The Wolf Of Wall Street made him a household name, DiCaprio was busily modelling and posing with bananas......

19 years ago in 1995, iconic celebrity photographer David LaChapelle (known for his fine-art photography that references art history with contemporary social messages) enlisted young Leonardo for a series of surreal and bizarre images.

Whilst DiCaprio was still finding his feet in Hollywood, LaChapelle was already making waves of his own, having been given a job at Interview Magazine after attracting the attention of none other than Andy Warhol.

When a visionary like Warhol says you've got talent, that's all the references you need. Since working together, both men have gone on to establish themselves as true masters of their professions.

DiCaprio is long-overdue an Oscar, whilst LaChapelle continues to photograph and transform some of the biggest names in pop culture.

During a recent interview with The Times, when quizzed about his past artworks and the stars he's worked with, LaChapelle cheekily added

I think Leo Di Caprio is still pissed off about posing with those bananas.

It's not hard to understand why that might be the case, such is the sheer randomness of the series itself.

Then again, that was the entire aim of the series, to turn the mundane into the surreal, to paint over the dullness of life with saturated tones and above all, to push a rising young star into unfamiliar and uncharted territory.

Perhaps LaChapelle is right? Maybe some 19 years later, DiCaprio is embarrassed by these images? He shouldn't be.

They represent a unique chapter in his life, documenting the rise of a talented teenager into a gifted young man, captured by the vision of David LaChapelle in all its awkward and wonderful glory.

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