10 Remarkable Portraits That Reveal We're All Beautiful

10 Remarkable Portraits That Reveal We're All Beautiful  image

10 Remarkable Portraits That Reveal We're All Beautiful

If you've ever wondered about the effect good lighting can have on a photograph, then look no further than the eye-opening series from Australian photographer Sebastian Petrovski.

Using 10 different models, he photographed each twice, using a different light source and location for each. The differences couldn't be more startling, from a gloomy and obsessive portrait, to a face filled with light, energy and positivity. It's as if their personality, as well as their appearance has dramatically shifted as well.

In an interview with our friends at Lost In E Minor, Petrovski added:

I made this series of images to deal with my own struggles of perception. I have always found it interesting that two or more people can experience the same physical reality but have completely different reactions to it.

Since the release of these images (he took them 2 years ago) he's continued to expand and develop his portfolio, be sure to check out more of his intriguing work here

Via Lost In E Minor

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