Thrift Store Paintings Now With Added Pop Culture Characters

Thrift Store Paintings Now With Added Pop Culture Characters image

Thrift Store Paintings Now With Added Pop Culture Characters

David Irvine is part painter, part comedian.

His passion is taking those aged thrift store artworks (you know the types) and injecting new life into them, by adding in pop culture characters and references.

Sometimes he matches the original style of the artwork he's painting onto, a true reflection of his skilful technique as an artist. Other times it appears he willingly hijacks the scene - gleefully adding in the likes of Spiderman, Stay Puff Marshmallow Man and even Batman into the proceedings.

His love of converting the old into the new, actually began when he found a wooden table discarded in the trash. He restored it, refinished it and gave it a purpose again. It's now seeing out the rest of its days a functional piece of art.

He's called his on-going series 'Re-Directed Paintings' and one has to wonder what the original artists would make of it all. Seeing their original works, covered over, reimagined and reworked.

We suspect they'd love it as much as we (and hope) you do.

Irvine has several homes on the web, each providing the ability to see more from the series, as well as buy originals and prints.

So head on over after the jump and check him out on his official site, as well as Facebook, Etsy & Society6

Which painting did you enjoy the most?

Via Twisted Sifter

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