10 Real Words For Things You've Never Been Able To Describe

10 Real Words For Things You've Never Been Able To Describe image

10 Real Words For Things You've Never Been Able To Describe

We all know the feeling of having an indescribable event where no matter what you just can’t seem to get the word to perfectly fit the situation. Did you know that when you do find the word, it’s called a mot juste?

The definition of this is precisely “the exact, appropriate word for any situation. Below are 10 mot juste’s that might be helpful to you in your everyday life.


For example: Think of a beat of music in your head and keep it going for a while. You’re now imagining with sound which is the true meaning of "auralize".


For example: Say ketchup out loud. Now keep saying it until it loses all meaning, that is a semantic satiation.


For example: Well this one is sort of self explanatory but, at least it’s easier than saying my nephews and nieces, and a whole lot funnier.


For example: Think of the original car. It would no longer be drivable on the roads alongside our modern cars, however, we still use major features from its original design to help improve and create more efficient cars.


For example: Your phone is broken and you’re too busy freaking out to try and assess the situation, but as soon as you power off and back on, it’s fixed. Just a heisenbug.


For example: Google. You don’t say “I’m going to use a search engine to find out what actress was in the movie”, now do you?


For example: “Oh, what’s the word for that thing!” - Everyone who has ever had a word stuck on the tip of their tongue with no help from the people around them to figure it out.


For example: Standing at the top of a bridge overlooking an ocean and feeling the urge to jump in but not actually doing it.


For example: Sort of like the 3D version of an afterthought.


For example: It explains itself but either way, is anyone really going to wake up in the middle of the night thinking they’re falling and say “phew, it was just a hypnic jerk.”

Via Buzzfeed

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