Fascinating Social Experiment May Change How You View the World

Fascinating Social Experiment May Change How You View the World

This social experiment might just change the way you see the world!

According to YouTuber Adrian Gee, 2 out of 3 strangers have your back when the rubber meets the road. How does he know? It all started when he dreamed up a fascinating social experiment to catch on camera.

Gee wanders around his the streets of his native Adelaide, Australia dropping his wallet over and over again. It's kind of mind blowing to see how people respond.

Some strangers run off with the wallet without even thinking it over while some strangers think it over before stealing it, and some flag Gee down to return it. Don't worry about the times it gets stollen, the wallet only had a few pieces of paper in it!

How would you respond if someone dropped their wallet on the street?

No offence Australia, but here's a similar social experiment conducted in Vancouver, Canada. And it looks like Vancouverites are much more honest people.

Are there more experiments out there like this in other cities? I wonder which city is the most honest.

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