Billboards are Turning into Futuristic Homeless Shelters

Billboards are Turning into Futuristic Homeless Shelters image

Billboards are Turning into Futuristic Homeless Shelters

Just when you think that the advertising industry couldn't care any less about the welfare of human beings, something like this brilliant invention pops up.

Now those roadside billboards that previously seemed to only ruin the surrounding landscape will be able to house homeless people! Known as The Gregory Project, these tiny apartments might just change the whole advertising game.

"Phenomenon of homelessness has became an intensely global question during past couple of decades. Finding solutions to it is a complex task which involves coordination of skills in socio-psychological and administrative fields - to name a few. Priority of the Gregory project is to find optimal alternatives for existential questions of people without a home through the use of billboard objects and their advertisement spaces."

Talk about sustainable housing! Thanks to a Slovakian architectural design firm, these tiny apartments would require minimal upkeep and the ad space itself would help fund the project.

And the design for the inside of the apartments is so nice. I sure hope this concepts takes off world wide!

Project Gregory

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