This World Cup Song Is Just 3 Mins Of Endless Nipple Tassels

This World Cup Song Is Just 3 Mins Of Endless Nipple Tassels

Aside from riots, protests and general unrest in Brazil, what is the FIFA World Cup supposed to be about? Football right? Arguably the greatest sporting event in the world, where the iconic teams battle it out for glory on the biggest stage of all.

Which makes the following video all the more bizarre.

Branded as "the surprise world cup anthem!" this music video from Vengaboys (remember them? They penned those annoying ditties We Like To Party & We're Going to Ibiza back in 1998) contains no references to the beautiful game or even Brazil itself.

But it DOES contain 3 minutes of constantly twirling and creative nipple tassels as a tribute to the event itself.

A lame attempt at being controversial and piggybacking on the current buzz of the World Cup? Or a funny light-hearted video designed not to be taken too seriously?

You be the judge!

Oh and you might want to make sure your boss isn't around if you're planning to watch it at work....

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