Bafflingly Weird Works of Art That Actually Sold

Bafflingly Weird Works of Art That Actually Sold image

Bafflingly Weird Works of Art That Actually Sold

I don’t understand contemporary art.

Particularly in this age where everyone with an iPhone is an artist of sorts, it’s difficult to digest and comprehend just what is classified as ‘art’. Here’s a handful of bafflingly strange artworks that actually sold for quite a pretty penny.

1. Artist’s Shit “Merda d’artista”

A 1961 artwork by Italian artist Piero Manzoni consisting of cans of faeces, each weighing 30grams and labelled as follows:

Artist’s Shit Contents: 30gr net Freshly preserved, produced and tinned In May 1961

The piece was designed to explore the relationship between art production and human production, and the tins were originally valued according to their equivalent weight in gold. But what’s it worth now?

Well the most recent sale of a tin was for €124,000 in 2007. Who knew we are all sitting on goldmines?

2. NYC Garbage Cubes

Looking for a unique souvenir to take home to your loved ones? Well look no further! For the bargain price of $50 you can take home a cube of NYC garbage, packaged up by artist Justin Gignac as part of an experiment in persuasiveness of packaging design. Well, one man’s trash is another man’s expensive sculpture!

3. Non-existent Art

The Museum of Non-Visible Art is an organisation that hosts and sells art that only exists in the imagination of the artist, i.e. “non-visible” works. In 2011, someone paid $10K for “Fresh Air”, a piece that presumably noone could see. I think I have a future in selling air guitars after all…

4. Piss Christ

Hmm, this one’s strange. “Piss Christ” by American artist Andres Serrano is a photograph of a crucifix submerged in a glass of the artist’s urine. If you can believe it, it won awards, and the artist picked up grant money for its construction, causing immense controversy and outrage.

I guess you could say some people were really pissed off…

5. Red Mirror

Highly-regarded German artist Gerhard Richter has an enormous talent, as exemplified by his wonderful landscape and abstract work. However, this one seems good only by association, for it is simply red paint slathered on a mirror.

One buyer deemed it inspired enough and handed over $750K for it. Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the most gullible art buyer of all…?

6. My Bed

"My Bed" by British artist Tracey Emin, this was first exhibited at the Tate Gallery where it was shortlisted for the Turner Prize in 1999.

Consisting of the artist’s bed covered with soiled bedsheets and menstrual-stained underwear, Emin claimed it was presented in the state it reached when she had not left it for several days due to suicidal depression brought on by relationship difficulties.

It was bought by Charles Saatchi for £150,000 and displayed it as part of the first exhibition when the Saatchi Gallery opened at County Hall, London.

Via Oddee

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