136 Years Of Visual Effects Since The Dawn Of Cinema

136 Years Of Visual Effects Since The Dawn Of Cinema

Today, with the technology available, there's no limits to one's creativity or imagination on the big screen.

Teams of animators have the ability to bring even the most grandiose vision to life. Avatar alone had an alleged $310,000,000 budget, making an astounding $2,000,000,000 at the box office.

But if you rewind some 136 years, right back to 1878 the entire concept of "visual effects" was nothing more than an experimentation in tricking the eye.

Despite the obvious limitations during the birth of cinema and the moving image - directors back then arguably had to be even more inventive and ingenious.

136 Years Of Visual Effects Since The Dawn Of Cinema

There was no lightening fast animation engines or teams of digital artists to draw from - everything was manual and relied almost exclusively on props.

Director Jim Casey has created short 3 minute tribute highlighting the evolution of visual effects in cinema, right from it's hokey humble beginnings, through the to current groundbreaking blockbusters of the digital age. So sit back and enjoy a trip to the movies, starting from 1878 through to the present day.

How many of these films and scenes do you remember?

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