The Valley Of The Dolls Is Japan's Creepiest Suburb

The Valley Of The Dolls Is Japan's Creepiest Suburb

Deep in the valleys of Shikoku Japan, likes a quaint village known as Nagoro - a quiet rural region, where life tends to go just that little bit slower compared to the rest of the country. Less than 50 people live in the village itself.

Resident and local artist Ayano Tsukimi left the village for over 10 years, when she finally returned, she was sadden to hear about the passing of many of her friends and neighbours whom she'd grown up with.

Whilst gardening in the fields, Ayano built a scarecrow to keep local birds at bay from eating her crops. The figure reminded her a little of her father and It was at that moment that inspiration struck. She decided she would create similar life-size dolls in memory of those residents who had passed away.

A thoughtful reminder of their ties and role in the community and her unique friendship with them.

Since then, Ayano has remarkably gone on to create some 350 dolls representing Nagoro's former residents. She places them in areas around the village where they once lived, worked or simply enjoying spending their leisure time. Visitors will find dolls in fields, near ponds or even casually sitting in the streets slowly watching the world go by.

Soon tales of Ayano's life-size tributes to the dead, spread as far as Germany and beyond. Eventually German filmmaker Fritz Schumann heard about Ayano's story. Compelled to find out more, he flew to the remote Nagoro region to tracked down the 64-year-old artist, to quiz her about her fascinating (if bizarre) ode to the dearly departed.

Then end result is a short documentary titled 'Village Of The Dolls', a place where the dead still linger amongst the living.

All images copyright Fritz Schumann.

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