6 Rejection Letters Sent to Famous People

6 Rejection Letters Sent to Famous People image

6 Rejection Letters Sent to Famous People

Winston Churchill famously said:

Success is the ability to go from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm.”

It’s an important lesson that we all learn the hard way at some point. Rejection hurts like a mo’ fo’, but take solace in the fact you are not alone; anyone who has achieved anything of note has failed, and learned from it to come back bigger and better than ever.

Here’s a selection of rejection letters sent to some of the world’s most successful people.

So dust off your knees and get back on that horse!

1. Madonna

President of Millenium Records Jimmy Lenner penned a letter to Madonna’s people, citing her not “ready yet”. The date of the letter is unknown, but I’d say Mr. Lenner would be kicking himself as Madonna’s career has thrived for more than four decades since she started out.

2. Andy Warhol

Couldn’t give it away! Warhol attempted to gift one of his pieces to MOMA, NY, which they delicately rejected. Now, 58 years later, they own 168 pieces for which I’m sure they paid a pretty penny.

3. Tim Burton

The masterful Tim Burton was an early bloomer, sending a copy of his children’s book, ‘The Giant Zig’ to Disney while he was still in secondary school. While the editor was impressed with his work, Burton’s fodder was ultimately turned away for being “too derivative of the Seuss works to be marketable”.

However, within a few years the Disney company had taken on Burton as an animator’s apprentice, and the rest is history.

4. George Orwell

In one of the harshest rejections of the lot, revolutionary author George Orwell had his iconic ‘Animal Farm’ rejected. Knopf Publishers cited it as a “stupid and pointless fable”; a popular notion among several publishers who turned the book away.

It was publisher Frederic Warburg who had the last laugh, ultimately printing the book which had sold nine million copies by 1973 alone.

5. U2

No matter whether you love or hate Bono, you have to feel for the thousands of wannabe music superstars who read these sorts of rejection letters on their rise to the top, U2 included. London-based RSO issued a ‘thanks, but no thanks’ in 1979, reading simply, “it is not suitable for us at present”.

Probably not a Beautiful Day for the band, but the music industry Moves in Mysterious Ways and eventually they found The Sweetest Thing: success.

OK, I’ve stopped now.

6. Jason Segel

Acclaimed writer and actor Jason Segel (How I Met Your Mother, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, This is 40) told the media he wanted to work with Hillary Clinton, stating he felt she had a knack for comedy. He even went so far as to slaim she could be the eponymous character of the mother on ‘How I Met Your Mother’.

Clinton heard of his desire, and issued the following, and perhaps most awesome, rejection letter.

Via Stylist

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