This Concept Hotel Looks Like A Giant Game Of Jenga

This Concept Hotel Looks Like A Giant Game Of Jenga  image

This Concept Hotel Looks Like A Giant Game Of Jenga

If we told you that we were planning on creating a hotel built from shipping containers, you probably wouldn't be too impressed or excited.

But in the hands of Hong Kong architects OVA Studio, it's a concept that really could have universal appeal.

Called 'The Hive Inn' the concept hotel is built using a simple grid structure, each square on the grid is the perfect size for a shipping container. The idea is that at any given point, different containers could be slotted into the structure and moved about without disturbing any of the surrounding elements.

The final piece in this elaborate real-life game of jenga, is that each container would then be sponsored by a major brand. It would be used as a unique room by that company or as a hotel itself - the possibilities are limitless. In fact, it needn't even be a hotel at all, you could slot in small offices or in the event of a crisis, emergency shelter.

Whilst there's no current plans for its construction (it was merely created an an example of the functional architecture needed in the future) it's not entirely unbelievable that such a structure could pop-up in capital cities all around the world.

Rather than staying at a standard and predictable Hilton hotel or Holiday Inn, if you could sleep for 8 hours in a giant jenga set featuring a room decked out in your favourite brand - would you?

Via OVA Studio, Design Boom

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