10 Vintage Photos That Will Never Happen Again In Our Lifetimes

10 Vintage Photos That Will Never Happen Again In Our Lifetimes image

10 Vintage Photos That Will Never Happen Again In Our Lifetimes

Throughout History of the ever changing history of the world, moments have conspired that sometimes make us wonder if we are any different than our ancestors who lived one hundred years ago. The answer according to photographic evidence is definitely yes in some cases. While most of us will never go to a drive-in movie theater or hang our babies in baskets out of the window (as the pictures will explain), these ten vintage photos from the 20th you to the realization that much has changed since ‘the good old days’.

1. Rooftop Boxing

Woman boxing on a rooftop in the 1930’s.

Woman boxing on a rooftop in the 1930’s.

2. A Vertical Car Park

New York Car Park

While nowadays we have standard parking garages and parking on the street, this parking area was a bit different. Instead of driving your car up, your car was elevated by a lift. I can’t imagine how this garage would work now with all the different types of car types

3. Acrobats On The Empire State Building

Gymnastics On The Chrysler Building

Back in the 1940’s, men must’ve taken their gymnastics very seriously. It was either door die according to this picture of three men striking a pose on the top of a building. Because of security reasons, I doubt they’d get away with this now without causing quite a commotion on the floors below. Also, check out the vintage Chrysler Building in the back!

4. Ballerinas Walking The City Skyline

Ballerinas Walking The City Skylinee

Men weren’t the only ones balancing on the edges of buildings back in the day. These ballerinas held practice on the edge of building, and it doesn’t seem very sturdy! Hopefully this one a one-time thing and they all made it out okay.

5. The Baby Cage

The Baby Cage

Just looking at this photo of a baby hanging out the window makes me nervous! The story behind these is said to be that people who didn’t have gardens would put their babies in cages outside! Good thing we grew out of this and started doing more inventive things, like taking our children for walks and to the park.

6. Babies & The Berlin Wall

Babies & The Berlin Wall

This has to be one of the most bittersweet historical photos. Although this picture may not might make sense without a little background, once you realize that these new parents are holding their babies up over the Berlin Wall to show their relatives on the other side the newest family members, the picture holds a whole new sentimentality. Fortunately now, the wall has been taken down and large gestures like this aren’t needed.

7. Ticker Tape World War 2 Celebrations

World War 2 Celebrations

This photo of a group of friends sitting on the curb after ticker tape was thrown from buildings as a celebration of World War 2 ending.

8. Broadway In 1936

Broadway In the 1950's

While Broadway is all up in lights in the present day, back in the 20-30's it was much simpler. While it will probably never return to its time of such simplicity, it is nice to see pictures where there was a minimal amount of advertising and more focus on the architecture of the city.

9. The Window Knocker

The Window Knocker

Our phone alarm clocks can never be taken for granted again after seeing this picture! Believe it or not, their used to be people who would knock on your window to wake you up if you scheduled them to!

10. The Movie Drive-In

The Movie Drive-In

Although there are few drive-ins left, this is not a sight we're likely to see again. Drive-ins like this one in Indiana used to be packed with towns full of teenagers.

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