The Wise Words Of 'Master Yoda' A Trip-Hop Remix

The Wise Words Of 'Master Yoda' A Trip-Hop Remix

Despite only standing 66cm tall, Master Yoda (The Grand Master of the Jedi Order) has one of the biggest roles in all the Star Wars films. Here's not only the oldest and most power Jedi Master in the Universe, but also one of the most love characters in the franchise itself.

You might think it's down to his ability to summon the force on command or battle it out using his trusty green light saber, but the truth is, it's his witty quotes, wise words and speech syntax which makes him such a unique character.

The Wise Words Of 'Master Yoda' Remixed

Remix masters Eclectic Method have created a track titled 'Master Yoda' which features a collection of his quotes, set to some laid back trip-hop beats.

We can’t all afford our own personal life coaches, so I’ve edited together the wisest nuggets from Master Yoda.

So what are you waiting for? Watch the clip above, or download the track itself via their official Soundcloud profile

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