Vibrant Animal Sculptures Amazingly Built From Beach Trash

Vibrant Animal Sculptures Amazingly Made From Beach Trash image

Vibrant Animal Sculptures Amazingly Built From Beach Trash

Whether it's transforming trash from the streets of London into all manner of little monsters or taking discarded landfill and creating these truly stunning silhouettes, your rubbish (in the right hands) has the potential to become breathtaking art. Another artist who re-purposes our throwaway items is French sculptor & environmentalist Gilles Cenazandotti.

But rather than rummaging through piles of garbage at the local dump, he treks along his local beach finding objects that have either washed ashore, been left behind or simply forgotten. Using whatever fragments and items he finds, he constructs these incredible and vibrant animal sculptures piece by piece. His creations are a social commentary on the hazards that our waste and addiction to packaging poses to nature's fragile eco-system.

As he poignantly asks:

What’s going to happen when the tide overflows with our rejected products – abandoned on Earth and collected by the Sea – when the pollution touches so many species that life itself will become diminished?

You can see hi-res images of all his recycled animals via his stylish portfolio 

Via Gilles Cenazandotti

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