Strange Vintage Medical Equipment & Freakish Procedures

Strange Vintage Medical Equipment & Freakish Procedures   image

Strange Vintage Medical Equipment & Freakish Procedures

A century ago, if you were somehow lucky enough to stay out of the nearby lunatic asylumand didn't die of any of these kind of infections and diseases, you might have been lucky enough to have been cured through the miraculous world of medicine.

The truth is, medicine (by its very nature) is something that is constantly being improved and refined upon.But when you glance back into the murky world of superstition, pseudo science and a general lack of regulations and standard practice - a far darker picture emerges.

Modern medicine was still in its infancy, involving far more guesswork and theory, than established evidence based treatments. Here's a few photographs that highlight just how far we've come from those rather unusual and dangerous times...

An embarrassed women with an artificial leg c. 1890 - 1900

Walter Reed physiotherapy store 1920's

US Civil War surgeon's kit

Dr. Clark's Spinal Apparatus advertisement, 1878

**Lewis Sayre's scoliosis treatment

**Antique birthing chair used until the 1800s

**Amongst of 1st surgical procedures using ether as an anaesthetic, 1855 - 1860.

**Radioactive Water

**Radiology nurse technician, WWI France 1918

Antique prosthetic leg

Tanning babies at the Chicago Orphan Asylum, 1925, to offset winter rickets

Obstetric phantom designed to teach medical students about childbirth Italy 1700-1800

Traditional blood transfusion bottle, England 1978

**A neurological exam with electrical device, c. 1884

**Brain haemorrhage, post-mortem

**A collection of items to disguise facial injuries.

**Wooden prosthetic hand, c. 1800

Plague masks worn by doctors. The beaks held scented substances

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