12 Amazing Glimpses Into The Private Lives Of New Yorkers

"Don't be silly. You don't wan't to take my photo."
Oh yes. I very much want to take your photo." image

12 Amazing Glimpses Into The Private Lives Of New Yorkers

Brandon Stanton has been running his website Humans of New York since November 2010, resulting in a diverse community of millions who are intrigued by his assorted photographs that don’t leave out  any race, religion, gender, sexuality or age that is represented by the melting pot that is the state of  New York. While walking around different boroughs and regions, Brandon asks people if he can take a picture of them before giving an impromptu interview which he posts on both the site and on Facebook.

Although the pictures of strictly New York based, the discussions and stories on the photos draw viewers from all over the globe in interest. Below are 15 of my personal favorite pictures from Brandon’s site which also are in his fantastic coffee table book titled 'Humans of New York'

Via Humans of New York

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