Adorable Dogs Secretly Photographed In A Photo Booth

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Adorable Dogs Secretly Photographed In A Photo Booth

This is what happens when you put two furry friends into a photobooth by themselves....

These hilarious and super cute photographs are the work of dog fanatic & photographer Lynn Terry. Based in Missouri, she's first came up with the photobooth concept whilst photographing two loveable pitbulls named Petunia and Tucker from the animal shelter Mutts n Stuff a few years ago. But just recently opted to try the stunt out again, this time inviting other dog owners and animal shelters the opportunity to use the booth to capture some magical moments. Like any good photographer, Terry knows a few tricks to help attain that perfect shot.

She notes that putting a dap of peanut butter in the dog's mouth causes them to stick their tongues out and also admits to “...making really dumb noises and jumping around like crazy to try and make them as confused as possible. I don’t try and rush it.”

The results are well and truly worth it.

Via Huffington Post

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