Former Playboy Models Photographed 50 Years Later

Robyn Twomey Playboy Photographs image

Former Playboy Models Photographed 50 Years Later

In 1965, business for the iconic Playboy Bunnies was booming.

Hugh Hefner had just opened a franchise of exclusive Playboy clubs whereby his unique eye for style, sex appeal and fun was enthralling and teasing audiences the world over, just like it continues to do today. But some 49 years on, whatever did happen to those desirable and lust-inducing bunnies? Hefner (now aged 87) is still going strong but old age is inescapable for even the youngest at heart.

Award-winning photographer Robyn Twomey (who has literally photographed everyone who's anyone) wondered the same thing, which led to her  tracking down some of the most loved, photographed and celebrated Playboy bunnies of old. Below are just a few examples from the shoot, her bold portraits showcasing the bunnies some 40-50 years on.

Whilst their looks might have faded somewhat, Twomey has capture that wonderfully mischievous spark present in each women. It's the same spark that must caught Hefner's eye all those years ago.

Via Robyn Twomey

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